Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just one of her many qualities

Not only is she's a cracking cook, but she gets home before me and also needs to eat more often than me. (And whereas I can't do anything in a messy kitchen, she excels at cooking around, on, and in mess.)

She makes me packed lunches - I am so spoiled!

She's got a great belly-laugh. I've really begun to notice how often she smiles (and not just her crinkly eyes, because when she smiles, all of her smiles), and how much she laughs (and how it infects others too). Of course, right now she's got a great belly too, but that's because of the wee man.

She is a much better driver than I am - she asserts that in an alternate reality, she would be a drift-racer, but I think it's not happening because we drive a 10 year old diesel estate. (*ahem* - Speed Choice workshop notwithstanding.)

She is definitely an 'early' person: early mornings and early evenings. She goes to sleep to me reading, and I am often woken by a belly-laugh induced by her reading.

She's stuck by me through all the stupid things I've done, laughs at my clowning around, doesn't mind that the tide of my hairline is definitely on the ebb and even thinks I'm handsome.

She adores shoes (wears her latest purchases in bed sometimes), has a great sense of style, lets me iron my shirts (because I'm fussy) but is always ready to lend a hand (because she's kind).

She's also one of life's 'spillers'.

She's my lovely wife of four years next month.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


There seems to be an enormous number of ladybirds around at the moment - which is fun, because they are beautiful, and look funny when they fly around. I fear for them with the approach of cooler weather, but I'll enjoy them while they're around. Once or twice a day one flies into my office and requires some assistance in getting out again. My favourite has been a black variant with two large red spots, but have seen orange/black dots and yellow/black dots too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


... beat me to it.

It was rather funny.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Belfast was great, the wedding was great, the England result was great (for the English) and poor New Zealand are wondering where it all went wrong. My hunch is the Frenchies grew wicked facial hair and the ABs just couldn't deal with it. Continuing the rugby analysis: Fiji were outstanding in their exit, whereas Scotland were largely ineffective in theirs; SA were brutally efficient in their victory, whereas Argentina strangely hit and miss in theirs.

Mrs Hope continues to blossom, the Wriggler continues to live up to his moniker, and I've taken to walking into work (rather than cycle on my 'good-as-new-bicycle'!) to make use of the time by listening to podcasts. Flavour of the month - Dallas Willard on Leadership and Spirituality.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Le Weekend plans

We're off to Belfast for the wedding of our dear friends Estelle and Jon on Saturday. Hurray!

We're going today and coming back Monday to make it a long weekend. Hurray!

It's the quarter-finals of the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Hurray!!*

Mrs Hope will be thirty-two weeks pregnant after the weekend. Hurrah!!!

* subject to suitably sympathetic wedding/rugby arrangements, of course.